Author: Scott Liddell

Someone just made a whizzer suggestion. We should take an angle grinder with us and chop the roof off for the last day (or before). We could perhaps use the removed roof as a makeshift shelter for an overnight stay and light a fire with the sparks from the…

I’ll stop now.

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Just before we start to get concerned about the heat and pain of crossing a desert in a barely functional metal box…

We should remind ourselves that raising money for charity could be much worse.

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On one hand, it’s going to be a little tricky getting the right car for £250. On the other, there are a lot of cheap cars out there (and in quite incredible variety). Some are reminiscences, some fulfill aspirations (partially at least) and some are just plain daft.

We all secretly want the tan Allegro we found. Luckily, we won’t buy because we are too ashamed to admit it.

The thing that strikes you when you start looking around is that you could easily satisfy your motoring needs with a succession of bangers for less than it costs you for your car loan and associated running costs. Now, I’m not saying I would be massive advocate of such of thing, but you could certainly have a fun few months in lay-bays if you gave it a go.

That said, new cars break down too. Eh Mark? 😉

So, the quest for the £250 Motoring Grail continues. Let’s be opening those garages and see what you have lurking…

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While the search for ‘The General’ continues on ebay and autotrader,
we have now received our first donation so in that sense the wheels
are rolling now on this little adventure!

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There must have been a point in time when Scott and Oates (and some other punters) met up for the first time and said “Hey, lets go to the South Pole”. Today is our day. The first team meeting. The planning. The realisation. Personally, I’m hoping for some grub too.*

So, if you’re in Glasgow tonight, you will be near to a historic moment. Get yer blue plaque ready…

* hands up who’s surprised

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